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Getting Started (9)

This category covers everything you need to know to get started bulding your website.

Going Live (3)

From connecting your domain to setting up an email account, find all the information you need to make your site live here.

Plugins (elements) and Features (22)

This Help Section will cover topics regarding how to add Plugins (elements) and features onto your page. to help make the most out of your Limecube website.

SEO and Analytics (13)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the process of improving your website's ranking and thus visibility in search results. Remember, the more optimized your website is, the easier it is for your website viewers to find your site. Although factors that affect website rankings change frequently on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing; Limecube helps you increase your page rankings through our integrated SEO Tools. With Limecube, you’ll have access to all the SEO settings that you need to optimize your site.

Here are some elements that affect your website rankings and ways that you can improve them.

Subscriptions and Payment (6)

Find out all about the terms around payment and subscriptions.

Technical Issues (4)

Describes a variety of issues faced when using Limecube.