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Page Layouts

Last Updated 9 months ago

This page covers information on working with Page Layouts.

Selecting a Page Layout

You can change a page layout at any time. Page Layouts have slight to very different layouts to them, allowing you to grow a simple page into a content and visually rich page.

Once you have switched your page layout you can drag n drop existing elements into the new blocks.

Important tip: While changing a simply layout into a more complex layout will still retain all your elements, doing the opposite may see some of your elements disappear. Don't worry if that happens, all your elements are there, simply hidden. Simply switch back to the previous layout and drag all your elements into the first section on the page.

This help video takes you through a quick overview of how to change your page layouts:

Changing Individual Sections of your page Layout

Even after choosing a whole page layout, you can still completely change the page layout should you choose using the sections manager.

Click here to learn more on changing your page sections.

Header/Footer Layout

Click here to learn more on changing these layouts.