Frequently Asked Questions

Adding/Editing Videos

Last Updated 6 months ago

Videos are a great way to showcase your services and improve customer engagement on your website. On Limecube, you can add Videos to your web page using text blocks.

You can upload your own videos or embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo.

There are 2 methods for adding a Video to your page:

Method 1 - Inserting through the content block

  1. Make sure you are on the page you wish to add the video in.
  2. Click on the ‘+Add Element’ Icon on the page's Header Bar.
  3. Drag and Drop the Content icon onto the area of the page that you want the video it to appear in.
  4. Click on the Settings Icon.
  5. Click on the Video Icon.
  6. Insert your video from file manager or embed a link to the video.
  7. Click Ok to add the video to your web page.
  8. Remember to select the Tick icon to save your changes.
  9. Save
You have now added a video to your webpage.

To Delete a Video from a web page:

  1. Make sure you are on the page you wish to delete the video from.
  2. Hover your cursor over the content block.
  3. Select the bin icon to delete the content block permanently from your page.
You have now deleted the video from your page.

Method 2 - Inserting through the Banner Plugin

Please note when using the banner it automatically strips out all of Vimeo's or YouTube's controls as this method is designed to provide a clean looking video custom to your own site rather. If you wish to have all controls showing, Method 1 above is a better option.