Frequently Asked Questions

Linking your Domain

Last Updated 2 years ago

A domain refers to the main URL or web address of your website. Limecube allows you to integrate a custom domain on your website. Custom Domains are usually named after your business, event, product or blog to strengthen your brand image and allow visitors to easily find your website.

Registering a Domain

When choosing a domain name for your website remember to pick something that:
  • Represents who you are as a business, blog or brand
  • Is easy to spell
  • Will be remembered by your users
A domain is made up of 2 elements:
  1. The Name: E.g.
  2. The Extension: E.g.
Before you register a domain, think about what you want both of these elements to look like.

You can register a domain on a variety of registrar's including:
Once you have registered your domain, you will need to connect and point it to Limecube in order to make your site live.

Click here to find out how to point your domain to Limecube.


1. How do I register a domain?
You can register a domain using any of the following domain registrars:
Simply enter the domain name of your choice and follow the steps to complete payment.

2. How much do domains cost?
The cost of a domain depends on a range of factors including cost, domain length, popularity and availability.

Google currently offers .com and .org domains for US$12/year including a custom email with G Suite. Click here to register now.

3. How can I get an email for my domain?
Custom emails that match your domain add a degree of professionalism to your business/blog. You can get a custom email for your domain through G Suite.

To learn more about email setup, click here.