Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription FAQs

Last Updated a year ago

How long are Limecube Subscriptions?

Limecube subscriptions are monthly with no lock in contracts.

How does a subscription work?

Once payment has been activated under your account:

  • Limecube will then automatically deduct your monthly fee in USD each month
  • Every month from the signup date Limecube will automatically take funds out exactly 1 month apart
  • This will continue until the subscription has been cancelled or the site deleted

Can I change and switch between plans?

Yes! You can change, switch and upgrade your plans at any time under the Administration panel.

Click here to find out how.

Can I cancel my Subscription?

When you subscribe with Limecube, you are not under a contract meaning that you can cancel your subscription at anytime using our Profile panel. Please remember that we do not offer refunds for the cancellations of any subscription

Cancellation can occur in 2 ways:

  1. By deleting your account. Go to: Profile > Account Tab > Delete Site - this will immediately delete the site and cancel any further subscriptions
  2. By cancelling your plan. Go to: Profile > Plan Details > scroll down under the plans and click 'Click to cancel your plan'.