Frequently Asked Questions

Using the style editor

Last Updated a year ago

The style editor allows you to fully customize your Theme with different colors, fonts, button styles (you name it and you can change it...) for each section of your website. The videos below show you how to use the Style Editor.

Style Editor Overview

The purpose of the style editor is to give our subscribers access to change all the styles a web developer would normally have to style a website, without needing to be a developer.

Styling your site van give a website a unique feel away from the original Theme it came from, and to closely tie in with your brand.

This help video takes you through some of the area you can style to give you a feel for how the style editor works.

Global Font Settings

Global font settings allow you to set your main font styles across the various different types of content pieces within Limecube. Each content type or plugin can still have their main font properties such as size, weight and style set at an element level.This help video takes you through how to make use of the global font settings to set your font styles site wide.

Changing your styles in the Page Editor

Changing your styles while working in the Page Editor is the simplest way to style the look and feel of your website. Each plugin within Limecube will have it's own global style settings for changing the look/feel (please note that changing one styles for a plugin, will affect styles across the site for that plugin type.)

This help video shows you how to use these style options:

Changing text color

This help video shows you different methods for changing text colour through your Limecube site.

You can change text colour in 2 places for the text/content blocks:

  1. Site wide using the style editor - the first option chosen in this video below
  2. Just on a section - the second option shown in the video