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Point your domain (DNS changes)

Last Updated 2 years ago

To Connect a Domain to Limecube:

Connecting your domain to Limecube allows you to point your domain to our site and make your domain live. For this process you will need to change a few DNS settings on your domain hosting account and then link the website to Limecube.
  1. Go to ‘Profile’ on the Site Header
  2. Under 'Domains' enter your full website address.
  3. Check the 'Domain Live' check box.
  4. Apply.
  5. Log in to your Domain Host in a new tab or window.
  6. Go to the section of the site where you can Manage your DNS Settings i.e. “Manage Domains”, “Domain Manager”, “Zone File Settings” or “DNS Manager”. [This will differ based on your provider].
  7. Update the CNAME record that points "" to "".
  8. Update the A record that points "" to
  9. Save changes.

You have now connected your domain to Limecube. It may take up to 24-72 hours for your domain to finish connecting. Your domain will still be registered with your host but is connected and pointed to your Limecube sitesThis help video shows you how to add your domain name to Limecube and make it live.

Please make sure your DNS is already pointing to Limecube. Once you apply this change if the DNS has not been applied you will not be able to access your Limecube site until the DNS has been applied.

Click here to find out how to point your domain (DNS) to your Limecube website.