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Sections management - Page Layouts

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This help page takes you through how to create and setup your page layout, giving you full flexibility to create the page and site you want.

Adding a section

This help video shows you how to create sections within your page. Sections are what create your different page layouts and make it incredibly flexible to get the page design you want.

Saved sections

Saved sections are sections that can be saved to your sections panel and be reused across the site.

Saved sections are connected to each other. If you make a change to one saved section, it changes that same section everywhere in the site it is used.

This help video shows you how to create and use saved sections:

When deleting a saved section from the saved sections panel, each section remains in each page, but will no longer be connected.

Duplicating sections

Being able to duplicate sections saves time when you want to create another section on your page that is the same or very similar to another section.

When duplicating a section, it creates a copy of the section and the element within the section. What you have just duplicated/copied becomes independent and you can edit without affecting the original section.

This help video shows you how to duplicate sections within a page:

Header Layout

Footer Layout

To learn about working with footers click here.