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Integrations with 3rd party plugins

Last Updated 3 months ago

Covered in this Article

  1. Guru Dental
  2. Jobadder

The Music/Podcasts element allows you to integrate the engines below from 3rd party platforms into Limecube.


Integration elements can be inserted by:

  1. Clicking 'Add element'
  2. Dragging 'Integrations' to the part of the page you want
  3. Selecting from the drop down the integration engine you wish to use.

Guru Dental

To add Guru Dental animations to your website, speak to Guru Dental to have them send you your website integrations code. Visit the Guru Dental website here.


This instruction assumes you have already setup your account on Jobadder.

Once you have refer to this article and the 'Javascript Widget' instructions.